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Anonymous: Hey I was wondering if you had a link to James Roday's ice bucket challenge? I saw the gif but I wanted to watch the video. I love your account it's flawless:)

yeah it’s in the caption under the gifs! there’s a little x but here’s the link: http://www.whosay.com/status/jamesroday/971975

James Roday doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge x

The scar had not pained Harry for nineteen years. All was well. - J.K. Rowling


Here are some dogs enjoying Popsicles. 

favorite psych moments: 5x04 "i ain’t spencer. i’m soup can sam."

i start school today woe is me

i was tagged by katie and ella!! i love things like this they’re so much fun!

all my peeps were already tagged so really whoever wants to, go for it!! and you can say i tagged you :)


hey y’all i just got back from cali!!! the trip was super awesome and i got to do tons of things (to name a few: visit san fran/diego, see matthew perry’s new show, universal, sbareilles concert, family parties, etc etc etc :)) but one of my favorites i got to do was meet dana!!!! she’s already made a p full post here, but this is what i got from that day

• dana smells really good
• her nails match her phone case which really makes it look like she’s got her life under control ya know that aint fair
• she will interrupt you while you’re talking to yell at other drivers, but i did the same when i saw puppies so it’s okay
• dana repeatedly said she was STARVING and then sat down to eat and not finish her plate that rascal
• we went mini golfing and it took us 4 tries and two phones to calculate the scores
• she was not impressed by my knowledge of the zip ah dee doo dah lyrics??? what
• i accidentally texted annika ‘shut the rifle up’ on dana’s phone bc of her autocorrect so that’s a thing now
• dANA DIPS HER FRIES IN HER MILKSHAKE?????? who is this person
• we went to downtown disney and then we didn’t wanna leave bc it would be the end of the night so we stayed there until 1am and people watched
• it was super flupper cool

this is a video of various snippets of our day and it makes me smile a lot bc we’re so dumb and also it has puppies in it so